Your new Mattress 90×200 cm: Individual and comfortable

Around one-third of our lives, we sleep human beings and thus prepare ourselves for everyday and special challenges. It is all the more important to create an optimal basis for a restful sleep. In addition to a quiet atmosphere, a light dinner and the removal of work and smartphone is a comfortable, individually tailored bed. Especially the mattress is of great importance, as it is crucial for sleeping comfort.

Mattresses 90×200 cm for all kinds of claims

If sleeping with the old mattress not only causes back pain but also a headache from being overstrained in view of the wide selection, As experts for living and sleeping systems, we can offer you individual solutions: From cold foam mattresses to visco foam, combi, latex, and spring mattresses, you can find the right sleeping pad for your needs. All cold foam mattresses in our range are tested for harmful substances and free from it; In addition, they are all suitable for allergy sufferers. Buymedium firm mattress queen now.

On the way to your new mattress 90×200 cm

There are many things to consider when looking for a new mattress, from the mattress styles to the features. On the one hand, the sleeping habits, for example, the preferred sleeping position, on the other hand, the health and physical requirements: Who weighs over 100 kg, requires a higher degree of hardness, so as not to sink too deep into the mattress. In this case, namely forms a cow, which is not only considered orthopedically unfavorable, but also leads to heat accumulation. Diabetics should, to prevent this, pay attention to the degree of hardness. Also latex mattresses are not advisable because of their heat-storing property for diabetics.

Bed on the suitable mattress 90×200 cm

Are you the restless sleeper or do you always sleep on the same side? Depending on how you move and lie at night, different types of mattresses are required. For movement-intensive sleep, cold foam mattresses are recommended, which adapt quickly to new reclining positions. If you sleep predominantly on the side, it is important that your shoulder and pelvis can sink in to keep the spine in a straight position.