Memory Foam Mattress vs Cold foam mattresses

1. Memory Foam Mattress (Memory Foam, Tempur, Nasa)


Memory foam mattresses are made of visco-elastic foam that adapts to your body based on warmth and weight. When the material is heated by the body temperature, it softens and adapts to your contours under the pressure of your body weight. The adaptability of memory foam ensures that body parts that have to sink in a little deeper can do so, but at the same time are well supported.

Memory foam was originally developed by NASA to capture G-forces (hence the name NASA mattress). Later it became u. a. Used by Tempur for mattresses and commonly used in hospitals and nursing homes to prevent patient discomfort.

The quality of a memory foam mattress largely depends on the density of the mattress, which is stated in HR values. For memory foam, in general, the higher the HR, the better the quality. However, this is reflected in the price.


  • Good conformity and comfort
  • Pressure reducing effect
  • Good moisture regulation
  • Anti-allergic

2. Cold foam mattresses (HR foam)


Cold foam, also called HR foam, is very elastic. The mattresses are made of polyurethane foam having an open cell structure. As a result, polyurethane naturally has good ventilating and moisture-regulating properties. Cold foam is also anti-allergenic.

The density of the foam is given in HR values ​​(High Resilience), hence the name HR foam. HR is an indication of weight and is also referred to as RG (volumetric weight). Mattresses can have a value varying from HR 40 to HR 65, which indicates the weight in kg per m3. A low HR value generally means less resilience. Find outwhat is the best online mattressnow

More important for the quality is the polyurethane ratio. This is what gives the foam its elasticity. This also results in large price differences. Cheap cold foam mattresses contain less polyurethane, which does not benefit the quality.

The considerable quality and price differences can make it difficult to choose a good mattress. In general, the price is a good indicator of quality.


  • Good conformity and resilience
  • Good ventilation
  • Good moisture regulation
  • Durable

Lifespan: Long 12 – 15 years