Mattresses for side sleepers

18 percent do it classically on their back, 13 percent exactly the other way (on the stomach) and well over half make it on the side: sleeping. Whether back, abdomen or side sleepers there is the right mattress for every type of sleep. And when you buy a matching mattress, these sleeping habits are an important feature.

Mattresses for side sleepers

Most people sleep on the side every night. It affects the same problem as the back sleepers – the spine bends if you do not support them properly. Although it is not pressed upwards or downwards as in the back, aside: Back pain cannot be impressed by such details and sneak in anyway. In addition, many side sleepers complain of tension in the neck.

What is important for side sleepers?

Are you one of the side-sleepers? Spend so much of the time in bed, it is relevant to the mattress purchase, pay attention to the following points:

  • The cervical spine should be relieved.
  • The shoulders should be able to sink into the mattress.
  • The point elasticity of the mattress should be chosen so that the spine forms a line and cannot sag.

Incidentally, very few people are mere side, back or stomach sleepers: we turn several times during the night. Ideally, the mattress is individually adapted and supports both the lateral and the back position. For this, it must be very well adapted to pelvic width, shoulder width, waist and depth needed.

Sleep well with 7-zone mattress?

Side sleepers, like the dormouse, have to sink into the mattress with their pelvis and shoulder so that the spine can form a straight line. Sounds elaborate? But it is not. Find outwhat type of mattress is best for lower back pain now.

Even cheap cold foam mattresses usually have seven zones that relieve the spine during the night. Also on gel foam or pocket spring mattresses, you can sleep comfortably as a side sleeper, as long as they have a high point elasticity – so only sink in where the pressure is applied. To find out which mattress is best suited to your body, but the most detailed reports of various tests do not help you: you have to try for yourself how to find the perfect sleep. Best in the context of an individual consultation.