Box spring Information:

Box spring beds have their origins in America and Scandinavia. There for a long time very popular and widely used, boxspring beds have been able to inspire more consumers in recent years due to their high level of comfort and their typical structure. Often the beds are called “American beds” or “continental beds”, even though the latter is less precise.

What is a box spring bed?

You have certainly asked yourself the question because there is always talk of it when it comes to sleeping comfort: What is box spring beds? This is easy to explain: A box spring bed is made up of 2 or 3 lying elements, the feet, and a headboard, depending on the construction variant. The lower box (“crate, box”) is usually made of solid wood and is equipped with “Springs”, the American term for springs. Basically, this means nothing more than “feathers in a box”.

Scandinavian box spring bed

The Scandinavian version of a box spring bed is probably the most common variant in German-speaking countries. Thus, a Scandinavian box spring bed consists of 2 boxes, a mostly 20 cm high mattress and a topper – the typical 3-layer system with headboard. The advantage here is that only the topper must be covered with a fitted sheet.

American box spring bed

American box spring beds do not have a separate topper. This is mostly integrated into the mattress in the box spring bed American style. As a result, the mattress is about 10 – 15 cm thicker compared to the standard height of about 20 cm and not as usual covered with fabric, but with a thick and fluffy mattress cover fabric. In this box spring construction, the complete mattress, also called king-size mattress, must be covered with an oversized fitted sheet. Buy tempurpedic cloud supreme breeze from our online store.

American box spring beds

If you’re looking for an American box spring bed, you’re spoiled for choice. Just look for the frame with color, foot parts, and the matching headboard according to your taste. It continues in the configuration with the mattress, which is processed in a box spring bed American style with the topper together.