Mattresses for side sleepers

18 percent do it classically on their back, 13 percent exactly the other way (on the stomach) and well over half make it on the side: sleeping. Whether back, abdomen or side sleepers there is the right mattress for every type of sleep. And when you buy a matching mattress, these sleeping habits are an important feature.

Mattresses for side sleepers

Most people sleep on the side every night. It affects the same problem as the back sleepers – the spine bends if you do not support them properly. Although it is not pressed upwards or downwards as in the back, aside: Back pain cannot be impressed by such details and sneak in anyway. In addition, many side sleepers complain of tension in the neck.

What is important for side sleepers?

Are you one of the side-sleepers? Spend so much of the time in bed, it is relevant to the mattress purchase, pay attention to the following points:

  • The cervical spine should be relieved.
  • The shoulders should be able to sink into the mattress.
  • The point elasticity of the mattress should be chosen so that the spine forms a line and cannot sag.

Incidentally, very few people are mere side, back or stomach sleepers: we turn several times during the night. Ideally, the mattress is individually adapted and supports both the lateral and the back position. For this, it must be very well adapted to pelvic width, shoulder width, waist and depth needed.

Sleep well with 7-zone mattress?

Side sleepers, like the dormouse, have to sink into the mattress with their pelvis and shoulder so that the spine can form a straight line. Sounds elaborate? But it is not. Find outwhat type of mattress is best for lower back pain now.

Even cheap cold foam mattresses usually have seven zones that relieve the spine during the night. Also on gel foam or pocket spring mattresses, you can sleep comfortably as a side sleeper, as long as they have a high point elasticity – so only sink in where the pressure is applied. To find out which mattress is best suited to your body, but the most detailed reports of various tests do not help you: you have to try for yourself how to find the perfect sleep. Best in the context of an individual consultation.

Memory Foam Mattress vs Cold foam mattresses

1. Memory Foam Mattress (Memory Foam, Tempur, Nasa)


Memory foam mattresses are made of visco-elastic foam that adapts to your body based on warmth and weight. When the material is heated by the body temperature, it softens and adapts to your contours under the pressure of your body weight. The adaptability of memory foam ensures that body parts that have to sink in a little deeper can do so, but at the same time are well supported.

Memory foam was originally developed by NASA to capture G-forces (hence the name NASA mattress). Later it became u. a. Used by Tempur for mattresses and commonly used in hospitals and nursing homes to prevent patient discomfort.

The quality of a memory foam mattress largely depends on the density of the mattress, which is stated in HR values. For memory foam, in general, the higher the HR, the better the quality. However, this is reflected in the price.


  • Good conformity and comfort
  • Pressure reducing effect
  • Good moisture regulation
  • Anti-allergic

2. Cold foam mattresses (HR foam)


Cold foam, also called HR foam, is very elastic. The mattresses are made of polyurethane foam having an open cell structure. As a result, polyurethane naturally has good ventilating and moisture-regulating properties. Cold foam is also anti-allergenic.

The density of the foam is given in HR values ​​(High Resilience), hence the name HR foam. HR is an indication of weight and is also referred to as RG (volumetric weight). Mattresses can have a value varying from HR 40 to HR 65, which indicates the weight in kg per m3. A low HR value generally means less resilience. Find outwhat is the best online mattressnow

More important for the quality is the polyurethane ratio. This is what gives the foam its elasticity. This also results in large price differences. Cheap cold foam mattresses contain less polyurethane, which does not benefit the quality.

The considerable quality and price differences can make it difficult to choose a good mattress. In general, the price is a good indicator of quality.


  • Good conformity and resilience
  • Good ventilation
  • Good moisture regulation
  • Durable

Lifespan: Long 12 – 15 years

Box spring Information:

Box spring beds have their origins in America and Scandinavia. There for a long time very popular and widely used, boxspring beds have been able to inspire more consumers in recent years due to their high level of comfort and their typical structure. Often the beds are called “American beds” or “continental beds”, even though the latter is less precise.

What is a box spring bed?

You have certainly asked yourself the question because there is always talk of it when it comes to sleeping comfort: What is box spring beds? This is easy to explain: A box spring bed is made up of 2 or 3 lying elements, the feet, and a headboard, depending on the construction variant. The lower box (“crate, box”) is usually made of solid wood and is equipped with “Springs”, the American term for springs. Basically, this means nothing more than “feathers in a box”.

Scandinavian box spring bed

The Scandinavian version of a box spring bed is probably the most common variant in German-speaking countries. Thus, a Scandinavian box spring bed consists of 2 boxes, a mostly 20 cm high mattress and a topper – the typical 3-layer system with headboard. The advantage here is that only the topper must be covered with a fitted sheet.

American box spring bed

American box spring beds do not have a separate topper. This is mostly integrated into the mattress in the box spring bed American style. As a result, the mattress is about 10 – 15 cm thicker compared to the standard height of about 20 cm and not as usual covered with fabric, but with a thick and fluffy mattress cover fabric. In this box spring construction, the complete mattress, also called king-size mattress, must be covered with an oversized fitted sheet. Buy tempurpedic cloud supreme breeze from our online store.

American box spring beds

If you’re looking for an American box spring bed, you’re spoiled for choice. Just look for the frame with color, foot parts, and the matching headboard according to your taste. It continues in the configuration with the mattress, which is processed in a box spring bed American style with the topper together.

Your new Mattress 90×200 cm: Individual and comfortable

Around one-third of our lives, we sleep human beings and thus prepare ourselves for everyday and special challenges. It is all the more important to create an optimal basis for a restful sleep. In addition to a quiet atmosphere, a light dinner and the removal of work and smartphone is a comfortable, individually tailored bed. Especially the mattress is of great importance, as it is crucial for sleeping comfort.

Mattresses 90×200 cm for all kinds of claims

If sleeping with the old mattress not only causes back pain but also a headache from being overstrained in view of the wide selection, As experts for living and sleeping systems, we can offer you individual solutions: From cold foam mattresses to visco foam, combi, latex, and spring mattresses, you can find the right sleeping pad for your needs. All cold foam mattresses in our range are tested for harmful substances and free from it; In addition, they are all suitable for allergy sufferers. Buymedium firm mattress queen now.

On the way to your new mattress 90×200 cm

There are many things to consider when looking for a new mattress, from the mattress styles to the features. On the one hand, the sleeping habits, for example, the preferred sleeping position, on the other hand, the health and physical requirements: Who weighs over 100 kg, requires a higher degree of hardness, so as not to sink too deep into the mattress. In this case, namely forms a cow, which is not only considered orthopedically unfavorable, but also leads to heat accumulation. Diabetics should, to prevent this, pay attention to the degree of hardness. Also latex mattresses are not advisable because of their heat-storing property for diabetics.

Bed on the suitable mattress 90×200 cm

Are you the restless sleeper or do you always sleep on the same side? Depending on how you move and lie at night, different types of mattresses are required. For movement-intensive sleep, cold foam mattresses are recommended, which adapt quickly to new reclining positions. If you sleep predominantly on the side, it is important that your shoulder and pelvis can sink in to keep the spine in a straight position.

Types of Mattresses Suitable for Heavy Person

Only good and comfortable night-sleep can make you feel refreshed and energetic in the next morning. Be it a lighter person or a heavier person, a restful sleep is important for repairmen and rejuvenation of the body cells. However, mattresses play an important role in providing you with good sleep. If you sleep on a wrong mattress, then you will not only have a lack of sleep but also suffer from back and neck injuries. Henceforth, it is very important to buy suitable mattresses for yourself as per your age, weight, body shape and sleeping position preferences.

All types of mattresses are not recommendable for heavy people. The mattresses used by lighter people cannot be typically used by heavier people. There are certain best mattresses for a heavy person. Some of the mattresses suitable for heavy people are given as follows:

Ø    Memory Foam Mattresses:

An ideal combination of memory foam layers would provide you with the best support to your body and help you to sleep more comfortably.

Ø    Temperature-Regulated Mattresses:

If you cannot afford an air-conditioner, then you must buy a temperature-regulated mattress that will serve an almost similar purpose. Heavier people tend to get hotter at night while sleeping. So the specialized layers present temperature-regulated mattresses will help in increasing or decreasing the amount of trapped heat in the mattress. This feature of the mattress will help you prevent from getting too hot while you sleep at night. This is one of the bestmattresses for a heavy person.

Ø    Edge-Support in Mattresses:

Provision of edge support in your mattresses can make your bed more stable. This feature of the mattresses also facilitates reduction of sagging or sinking at the edges of the mattresses. Not at all times, the entire bed is used. Some people have a tendency to sit at the edges of their bed while working or relaxing. In such a case, edge-support plays a huge role in sustaining the structure of your mattress. Usually, for heavier people, this feature may be of great help. This feature can be implemented in any kind of foam-based or coil-based mattresses.

Improve your sleep with memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattress is considered as the best mattresses for modern people. If you are sleeping on the different type of mattress then exchange it with the memory foam mattresses today. According to the doctor’s people who sleep on the memory foam mattress are reported as much healthier and energetic. They take their comfortable sleep throughout the whole time of sleeping which keeps them energetic all over. They also never face fatigue or laziness.

Benefits of memory foam mattresses

Only the best quality memory foam mattresses are able to give the joy full sleep. The memory foam mattress structure is divided into different holes. These holes are the reason to keep the air circulation in balance. This also reduces the chances of issues due to suffocation. These mattresses are also proved best for the blood pressure patients because it helps the body to keep the blood circulation in the proper manner. This also helps people to get relief from sore legs and arms. If you are a stomach sleeper then this is the best choice for you. Because these mattresses make space for the stomach so that you can never feel heaviness on your stomach and have the best sleep every time. They are also easy to move, a kid with the age of 8 can easily move this mattress.

Memory foam mattresses are easy to clean

 When it comes to cleaning the memory foam mattress are very much easy to clean. You just need a mattress vacuum cleaner which is easily available in the market to clean them. They are less attracted to bacteria and dirt so it is not necessary to clean them daily. But yes you should clean them at least once in a week if you have babies in the house. If you did not clean your mattress from a long period then you should put in the sunlight. By this sun rays can kill all the bacteria and make your mattress all new again. To get best high density memory foam mattress there are a lot of options in the market, so and get one today.

Memory foam mattress: Benefit for the side sleepers!

Overnight, the mattress industry is adopting new changes prevailing in the market. Such changes are in accordance to the customer needs. In such a scenario, it is a must for every individual to choose a mattress which suits to their sleeping style. Are you a side sleeper? Are you looking for a comfortable foam surface under you when you’re sleeping on your right or left side? In such a case, the memory foam mattress wins the race.

If you’re looking for the mattress to help with side pain in your family, then memory foam will fit perfectly into such a need. With such a foam, one gets a softer surface under the body which avoids any painful situations. It is a great way to enjoy a soothing sleep at night. An individual spends huge hours while sleeping and in those couple of hours, one needs to lay on the most suitable mattress.

How memory foam mattress benefits side sleepers?

If you want to endure a speedy improvement in your sleep quality as a side-sleeper, then don’t think about any other model except the memory foam. The foamy surface is way too soft to support the human body in a proper equilibrium. Refreshing sleep is a must for every human to stay alert and keep healthy building blocks for the future.  

Being the best mattress for side sleepers, this gel-infused mattress holds the stress-relieving properties. It is a great way to support arms, shoulders, hips, and other sensitive body parts. Alike the innerspring models, memory foam are holding the sole characteristics to serve as a perfect blend of support and comfort. The polyurethane material inside the foam is highly durable and an excellent option for getting relief from pressure points.

What properties of memory foam are essential for the human body?

This foam serves a great benefit to the human body when the sleeping posture is on the left or right side. It enables the spine to remain in a 180-degree angle. With active pain-relieving properties, it has ruled over the spring models.

Are you allergic to a certain chemical or dust mite? In such a case, it is a good option to pick memory foam. It is allergen free 6-sided protection that prevents dust mite problems.